The Department of Colorado/Wyoming

The Department of Colorado/Wyoming now covers the states of Colorado, Montana, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

In operation since 06 March 1929, the Department contains five active camps and 3 inactive, but 2 being re-established. They are Captain Lot Smith Camp 1 in Utah, Captain Francis E Warren Camp Camp 44 in Wyoming, Compliment-Chapman Camp 2 in Montana, Centennial Camp 100 and Legion of the West Camp 7 both in Colorado. We also have Greenwood Camp 10 also in Colorado in the process of reestablishment and same for Thomas D Osborne Camp 43 in Idaho in the process of reestablishment. We hope to do the same with Thomas E Bowman Camp 12 in the four corners area of Colorado.

The Department is working on creating 7 new Camps, 1 more in Wyoming, two more in Montana, 2 more in Idaho and 1 more in Colorado and 2 more in Utah.

The Department Commander is David Haake PCC was elected for his 1st term at the Department Encampment on 08 June 2019 and reelected on 5 June 2020.