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The Adopt-a-School Program for Camps

The Adopt-a-School Flyer for Teachers

Form 1: Quartermaster Supplies – Order Form

Form 2: SUVCW Annual Encampment Credential Card

Form 3: Membership Application (Fill-in)

Form 4: Transfer Form

Form 5: War Medal Application Form

Form 6: Honorable Discharge Form

Form 7: R.O.T.C. Award Application Form

Form 8: Military Service Medal Application Form

Form 9: Life Member Application Form

Form 10: Life Member Reimbursement Form

Form 11: EIN Reporting INSTRUCTIONS

Form 11: EIN Reporting Form

Form 12: Scholarship Application Form

Form 14: Eagle Scout Commendation Application

Form 12: Scholarship Application Form (applications only accepted from Jan 1 to Mar 31)

Form 17 – Meritorious Service Award & MSA with Gold Star Application

Form 22: Certification of Election and Installation of Camp Officers

Form 27: Camp Annual Report

Form 30: Camp Status Report

Form 35: Department Annual Report

Form 40: Camp Patriotic Instructor Annual Report

Form 41: Department Patriotic Instructor Annual Report

Form 50: Instructions for Forming a Camp

Form 51: Application for Permission to Form a Camp

Form 52: Camp Organization Authorization

Form 54: New Camp Data Sheet

Form 55: Application for Camp Charter

Form CWM-61: G.A.R. Monuments-Civil War Memorials Assessment Form

Form CWM-62: SUVCW Memorial Grant Application Form & Instructions

Grave Registration Form and Information Packet

Graves Registration Instructional Booklet

QM Store Order Form (Fill-in)

SUVCW Membership Card Template

Sons of Veterans Reserve – National Military Department

Updated: 2 September 2023